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Well this is it a website that collects the ephemera of almost 30 years of working in the media. Its all about my passions really and the years I‘ve spent on the cutting edge of TV and Radio . So there are radio shows , TV clips, Music , The Manchester Music Scene, Factory Records , The Hacienda, Manchester United Football Club. There’s some free stuff to download , Books you can buy and some rare items for download or purchase. Also given the fact I spent 30 years on radio doing specialist shows covering all forms of music from Psychedelic

Sixties garage ,Progressive Rock , Old Soul Music, Stax and Tamla Motown and Northern Soul through Punk, Funk and Reggae , to Hip Hop ,Early House , The Rave Scene , Madchester , Brit pop and Beyond. There are various lists I’m bequeathing to the iPod generation that you may like to check out of what in my opinion are the best and most important songs , albums and artists in each genre, although to me in terms of music there are only two genres Good and Bad, and on this site I hope you’ll find only the good – yes it’s as uncool as that.Share This!

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