Jane Austen on 10 pound notes

To read or listen to the idiotic wittering of various female columnist and pundits you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting a female on one of our notes is something hugely symbolic and significant in the lives of women in this country – if only half as much hot air was spent in trying to get a few more 10 pound notes in the pockets of working women so that they could afford to live a decent life.

Sadly those inane cheerleaders are all a little too comfortable in their cosseted middle class existence to even contemplate that it’s the lack of notes that is the issue rather than the triumph of seeing Jane Austen ( romantic novelist ) replacing Charles Darwin ( the man who had one of the most profound and far reaching ideas in human history ) . Anyway well done on your campaign although I do wonder if there were similar members of the commentariate in 1930′s Berlin who on seeing Adolf and his cronies come to power identified the “real” issue with the Nazis as the lack of females in their leadership . Think it’s called missing the point.Share This!

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