Junior C Reaction – Better Must Come 1985

Junior C Reaction – Better Must Come 1985  (A cover of Delroy Wilson’s 1971 classic).

One of the best British Reggae bands ever played on John Peel and Janice Long’s shows on radio one and did a live session, a rather over produced and somewhat butchered version of this song produced by Groucho Smykle eneded up being released on The Cool Tempo label in 1986 and was C-listed on both radio one and Capital radio at the time, but this is the original demo (recorded live for a total cost of £80) which was far better than the pureed skank Groucho Smykle destroyed it with and was used as the B-side on the 12″ version of the record.

Junior C Reaction were from Derby and their late singer/songwriter Errol Cowell was one of the best British Reggae singers ever.

Junior C Reaction

Errol Cowell (Junior C) – Vocals

Fitzie – Lead Guitar

Robbie Williams – Rhythm Guitar

Tony Hayden – Keyboards

Claudie Barnes – Drums

Melvin Fox – Bass

Carol Fox – Backing vocals

Sophie Charles – Backing Vocals

Anthony Booth – Alto Saxophone

Jimmy Cousins – Tenor Sax

Rob Lancaster – Trumpet

Tim Lancaster – Trombone

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  1. bicknutler says:

    Hi Terry
    WRT Junior C, some extra info on personnel.
    Myself and Carol Otter (both alto sax) joined th band in Oct 86.
    Carol left after 3 gigs and I switched to tenor. Jimmy always played alto
    Don’t remember a Anthony Booth tho.
    Did at least 25 gigs with them until April 89 when the band folded.
    In summer 88, both Robbie and Tony left (Tony replaced by Hubert).
    I was gutted when I heard Errol had died. We lost an immense singer,songwriter and human being.
    Nick Butler

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