NWA Sunday 11th August 2013 Tony Wilson Special

The two hour tribute to Tony was hurriedly put together in less than  two weeks in November/ December 2007. It meant a virtual queue of Manchester’s and Salford’s (he was a Salford lad at heart) luminaries from the music and media scene queuing outside the door to be interviewed and there was so much material and so much emotion involved it made listening to it over and over and editing it similar to the pain you feel when clearing your dead parents old clothes and nick-nacks out of the house . there were endless hours of editing to get it ready and a looming deadline. Altogether originally we put together 5 hours of material that was broadcast on Christmas Day Night 2007 , but the second two hours of the show here are the real meat of it. It’s Tony Wilson through the eyes of some of those people who knew him best. I’ve had a varied response to the way I’ve lauded Tony since his death – if someone asked me how I felt about it , my first reaction is one of supreme irritation. It was only really when he died that I realised that he’d defined my whole approach in my time the media , it’s almost as if I was always seeking his approval even though often I’d be at pains over the 30 years I knew him , to let him know he didn’t have mine. Apologies from the final production on the tribute , Natalie Eve Williams at the BBC  ( Manchester Introducing and the Manchester Music show) and myself who ploughed through the editing and construction every night for over a week until 4-5am  then left it in the hands of a bloke who couldn’t read a simple instruction time line and managed to make a mess of mixing the music in , however in its own scatological fashion I think it’s a worthy tribute to Tony from his friends , colleagues and occasional enemies . This is Manchester ,we’re judged harshly by outsiders because  we do things differently here , and hopefully we always will.

For this first hour I just played a selection of Factory and early Manchester punk and post punk tunes and then the tribute in the second two hours . The track-listing for the first hour is below and there’s a rough guide to the songs (perhaps not all of them) which were rather poorly mixed into the tribute. All in all I think Tony would have liked it . Thanks to everyone who took time to take part in this – Bob Dickenson and Geoff Moore from Granada , old school original Manchester pre punks Alan Wise of Factory  , CP Lee – Cultural commentator and of Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias fame, Tosh Ryan & Lawrence Beadle of Rabid Records , Lindsay Reade – Tony’s ex-wife , Journalists -Mick Middles &Paul Morley musicians Clint Boon , Donald Johnson of ACR , Mani of The Stone Roses, Peter Hook , Stephen Morriss of Joy Division New Order, Aniffe Akinola of Chapter & The Verse, Johnny Jay – music producer and instigator of Manchester’s visionary Rock Da House nights that spawned – 808 State , A Guy called Gerald , MC Tunes , MC Buzz B , Chapter & The Verse , Ruthless Rap Assassins etc,   Councillor Pat Carney , Derek Hatton and Rowetta and Paul Ryder of The Happy Mondays – anyone I’ve left out , my apologies .

Hour One

Joy Division

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again





What Do I Get


Shack Up


Hymn From A Village


Happy Mondays

24 Hour Party People



Shall We Take A Trip

New Order


The Fall

Totally Wired

Railway Children



The Space Monkeys

Sugar Cane

During The Tribute – Dvorak – New World Symphony , Buzzcocks Boredom , Times Up , Slaughter& The Dogs – Where Have All The Boot-boys Gone, Cranked Up Really High, Durutti Column – Otis, Magazine – Shot By Both Sides, Stockholme Monsters – Party Line, A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray , Family Foundation- Xpress Yourself, John Cooper Clarke – I Don’t Wanna Be Nice , Warsaw – Leaders Of Men , Joy Division – Transmission , Atmosphere , New Order – Dreams Never End, Blue Monday , True faith , Here To Saty, Ruthless Rap Assassins – No Tale No Twist , Inspiral Carpets – This Is How It feels, Stone Roses – She Bangs The Drums, Happy Mondays – Step On , 24 Hour Party People – and there’s more.Share This!

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  1. iancurtisstatue says:

    Don’t think you’ll ever see a better set list than that :-)

  2. shk says:

    a fittng tribute to a genius – i could listen to it every sunday, thank you


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