Simon Weston Interview

Now I don’t go in for all this flag-waving nonsense and hero status just because someone joins the army to do a job that I’d never do myself. But as a human being with a huge heart and an appetite for life and who’s overcome a lot of personal suffering and done loads of great work for Charity and really grafted on behalf of others less fortunate than himself I’d have to say that Simon Weston is a true hero, and despite the fact he’s a Welshman through and through he’s staunch Man United and certainly knows his football. It was a privilege to interview him at his home in the suburbs of Cardiff and as expected of any red, he rolled out the red carpet for us hospitality wise, and not only sorted us out with a brew but even got me a whiskey even though it was only 11am (and didn’t even give me a disapproving glance for asking). Top bloke and a top red. PS Simon, I know you’re Welsh and not Irish, but get some Jamieson’s in next time ;-)

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